“Kozyak Minority Mentoring Foundation Has Helped Facilitate More Than 2000 Mentorships Over The Years”

A not-for-profit with a 17-member board, KMMF works with The Florida Bar and voluntary bar associations and has a close relationship with the Cuban American Bar Association, the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, the Gay and Lesbian Lawyers Association, the Haitian Lawyers Association, and the Florida Muslim Bar Association.

KMMF was co-founded by Coral Gables attorney John Kozyak, a 2015 Tobias Simon Pro Bono Award winner who never misses an opportunity to tout the benefits of mentoring.

“A guiding hand can spell the difference between failure and success for a young student, and the only thing a mentor has to pay is attention”

John Kozyak

Read the full article by The Florida Bar News here.


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