Circuit Court Judge Tanya Brinkley met KMMF co-founder, Detra Shaw-Wilder, at UM Law and Tanya has been one of KMMF’s strongest supporters for many years. She is currently mentoring approximately 20 students, including some in the law school pipeline and some graduates. Judge Brinkley has accepted two students to intern with her this summer and we know she would squeeze in another. Judge Brinkley is also a member of the KMMF Circle of 100. John Kozyak describes her as “simply the best example of a judge or lawyer reaching back to help others. She never says ‘no’ to any student or anyone at KMMF.

“KMMF understands that it is a privilege to mentor which really means to be a guide and a friend. I attribute my success to my mentors, and I know that I would not be who I am without their support. Now, being a part of the growth and development of aspiring lawyers brings me tremendous satisfaction. Being able to instill the courage and confidence necessary to overcome obstacles allows students to thrive and prosper in the profession. I have had the honor of watching countless students become true leaders in our community with the support of mentorship. I know that they all have the potential to be great, but it always helps to be reminded and to have a shoulder to lean on when times get tough. I proudly remain present to ensure that aspiring lawyers have a place in our community to shine, contribute, and improve the practice of law. Being a mentor is the greatest joy and hopefully inspires more to mentor.” 

– Hon. Tanya Brinkley


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