KMMF Board members, John Kozyak and Corali Lopez-Castro, met Richard Carmody through the American College of Bankruptcy. He is Of Counsel to Adams & Reese in its Birmingham, Alabama office. Richard has been a generous supporter of the Summer Fellowship and mentoring program and we wanted to share his reasons for contributing. His support means so much to the minority students.

“By the time I started parochial high school in Chicago, it was apparent that our family would not be able to pay for college for the three boys. I started caddying at Beverly C. C. in hopes of earning a scholarship from the Evans Scholars Foundation. Fortunately, I was awarded a four-year scholarship to the University of Illinois. It was the turning point of my life. Today the ESF program has over 11,500 alumni who have given over $188MM back to the program. It is important to pay it forward. 
Supporting KMMF fits right in with our family’s emphasis on creating turning points in the lives of a diverse group of students who only need support to excel. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to keep paying it forward. I just know that these students will do the same when it is their turn.“

– Richard Carmody


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